Concrete Services

When properly placed, finished and cured exterior concrete is both decorative and durable.

Using the proper mix for the job and having fresh concrete are key components for a successful job. By using Thousand Islands Concrete trucks the water is introduced to the cement powder on site. The concrete produced is always “fresh”. Ready mix producers introduce water to cement at the batching plant. Depending on travel time and temperature the concretes durability and strengths are adversely affected.

Here is the typical process:

Your concrete may have lost valuable durability and you’re paying for more than what you used!

Here is the Thousand Islands Concrete process:

Your concrete is as fresh as it can possibly be and you only pay for what you use!

According to the cement association of Canada:

CSA Standard A23.1 requires that discharge of concrete be completed within 2 hours. During hot weather the time limit can be reasonably reduced to one hour or even 45 minutes. High temperatures of freshly mixed concrete increase the rate of setting and shorten the length of time within which the concrete can be transported, placed and finished. Setting time can be reduced by 2 or more hours with a 10°C increase in concrete temperature.

Mixed on site

Pay only for
what you use