Ready Mix Concrete

Serving Brockville, the 1000 Islands and Eastern Ontario


From foundations, driveways and slabs to beautiful backyard oasis’, Thousand Islands Concrete is ready to provide exactly the right amount of concrete you need!


Thousand Islands Concrete and Wexford Forming is seasoned in the commercial development industry, servicing both large and small commercial developments.


Complete concrete services for a large agricultural presence in Eastern Ontario. Backed by decades of experience, our skilled on-site and office staff are prepared to meet all of your farm concrete needs and requirements.

Marine and Waterfront

View some of our recent waterfront and marine concrete projects and learn more about how Thousand Islands Concrete can service your marine concrete needs.

Benefits of Mix on Site Concrete

Pay Only For What You Use

We mix concrete on-site for your exact needs, minimizing waste and ensuring a more cost-effective solution for your project.

On-Demand Mixing

Our volumetric mixers allow for the production of concrete on-site and on-demand, ensuring that the material is always fresh.

Controlled Proportions

Our mixers allow for precise control over the proportions of the different components that go into the concrete mix ensuring optimal strength and durability.


Our mixers offer the flexibility to produce different types of concrete in the same delivery trip, which benefit your various project needs.

Waste Reduction

With volumetric mixers, the exact amount of concrete needed is mixed on-site, which can significantly reduce material wastage.


Our trucks have separate compartments, containing all the materials needed for different types of concrete mixes, eliminating the need to go back to a plant.

Concrete Delivery in the 1000 Islands and Eastern Ontario

Residential Concrete

Mix-on-site concrete is perfect for homeowners and residential contractors alike.

Whether you’re working on a small home renovation project, a new driveway, or even building a new house, our on-site concrete service ensures the freshest concrete and precise quantities, eliminating waste and saving you time and money.

Commercial Concrete

Our volumetric mixers can meet the high volumes and exacting specifications often required for your commercial construction projects, from building foundations to large scale infrastructures.

Our ability to produce different concrete types mixes that meet Concrete Ontario’s standards and best practices during a single trip reduces downtime, enhances efficiency, and contributes to your project’s timely completion.

Agricultural Concrete

We understand the unique needs of agricultural projects, from constructing farm buildings to installing concrete pads for machinery or livestock.

We deliver fresh concrete directly to your farm, allowing for on-demand and precise mixing,  reducing waste and conserving resources while maintaining the high-quality results you need.


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Concrete Ontario

Concrete Ontario, formerly RMCAO, develops and administers various certification programs on behalf of the ready mix industry. Safety and best practices in production, delivery and quality control are of the upmost importance to our members in meeting and exceeding provincial and regional standards.

Thousand Islands Concrete is proud to be a Certified Member of Ready Mix Concrete Association of Ontario.

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